Professional Management Series by ACI

Certified International Management Professional (Level 1, CIMP)
Certified International Professional Manager (Level 2, CIPM)


The American Certification Institute’s Professional Management Certification Series [PMC] offers professionals in a variety of industry exposure as well as across the board career experiences to enhance their career qualifications with the prestigious Certified Management Professional Level I (CMP-I) and Certified Professional Manager Level II (CPM-II) certification.

Backed by experienced industry experts and highly qualified management trainers the Professional Management Certification Series (Level I & II) fits into the supervisory, first-line and middle management level of most organizations with the aim of producing world-class management professionals.

This is the first-ever comprehensive Professional Management Certification [PMC] Series covering core strategic management methodologies, critical thinking process and leadership building process under the American Certification Institute. The modules offered under the PMC is designed for talent expansion in organizations or individuals and most importantly, it is a catalyst for the succession planning process in organizations that are keen to develop next line of leaders in their respective teams.

Eligibility Requirement

For CMP-I (LEVEL I):    

  1. Minimum Diploma in any field of study and
  2. Minimum 2 years working experience in Supervisory Level


  • At least 5 years of working experience as a supervisor or as a 1st line manager


  1. Minimum Diploma or Degree in any field of study and
  2. Minimum 5 years of working experience as a 1st Line Manager/supervisor


  • Minimum of 5 years of working experience as a manager


The PMC series goes beyond certification by virtue of its learning outcomes that have been researched and designed with the ultimate objective of developing the talent base in professionals who seek to enhance their management skills and capabilities in line with industry best practices and setting new standards of management practices. The PMC series comes with the following Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Lead and manage a team of subordinates towards a higher level of performance.
  • Pre-empt problems and challenges and handle each situation pro-actively.
  • Analyze problems from various perspectives and make sound decisions.
  • Critically analyze various personalities and adopt different interaction management styles to communicate with different levels of staff.
  • Motivate, develop, leading a team according to different situations.
  • Identify and capitalize on the team’s resources towards in ways that transform members through inculcating the right values.
  • Employ the right transformational leadership models to harness leadership potentials in the team as a succession planning process.
  • Understand different learning behavior and effectively and efficiently apply the right coaching models in developing team members.

Coaching Fee: 25,000 AFN

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