IFRS Specialist


The International Accounting Standards are the principles that should be used to develop accounting policies and should be followed to present faithful financial information to the users of Financial Reports. IFRSs and IASs are internationally accepted accounting standards. If the organization wants to attract foreign investments, it will have to follow IFRSs, so that financial reports are comparable with other companies and users consider the company as an investment choice when making the decision about the investment. It may also be required from the local regulation to follow the IFRSs in the preparation of the financial statements that give a true and fair view.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Bachelor in Business Administration or relevant studies


  • School graduates with one year of relevant experience
  • English Skills


  • Accounting together with the preparation of reporting in compliance with IFRS requires understanding and the ability to use methods and principles of recognition, evaluation, and reflection of financial statements’ elements. The sufficient duration of the program provides for deep material consideration and solutions of practical cases.
  • Except these learners will have to perform a number of home tasks and to make a final check of knowledge.
  • The program’s goal is to study not only separate aspects of accounting and preparation of reporting but also to receive an entire understanding of the IFRS practical usage.
  • The learners will be able to evaluate and analyze the existing connection between financial statements, requirements to the recognition and evaluation of the statements’ elements, and disclosure of data about them.

Coaching Fee: 25,000 AFN

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