Diploma in Banking & Finance

The Diploma Banking & Finance program is a one-year part-time program with two semesters that focuses on developing an understanding of the banking and finance environment both locally and globally, which prepares students for a career in banking, finance, and accountancy. It aims to provide sound knowledge to handle the operational and financial aspects of banking and finance.

The course will equip you with comprehensive knowledge and skills to enable preparation and analysis of the financial statements of the banks/companies; give insight into the concepts of financial management and management accounting; provide an understanding of marketing concepts and activities related to the banking industry, and understand banking sector-specific regulatory requirements.

Diploma in Banking and Finance is a comprehensive study related to banking course which deals with the rapidly changing finance sector. This course gives a wider view of the constant changes pertaining to finance, methods of dealing with the financial crisis as well as the basis for bailouts for various banks across the globe.


The eligibility criteria for availing the program of Diploma in Banking and Finance are as follows:

  1. Bachelor’s degree in business administration, economics, or any other relevant discipline OR associate bachelor’s degree with two years of professional full-time experience, OR 12 grade passed with three years of professional full-time experience.
  2. Passing DBF entry test with 60% marks
  3. Must pass an admission interview
  4. English language proficiency is required

Diploma in Banking and Finance: Admission Process

Candidates who wish to avail of this course are supposed to fulfill the required criteria as prescribed by the Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance.

Candidates are required to clear the entrance exam held by AIBF for admission to the program. The common entrance examination is held to examine the eligibility of the candidate for admission. Candidates can fill the forms online as well as offline by availing the form from the AIBF office. All important information including admission dates, entrance exam,s and names of shortlisted candidates will be notified on the website, through e-mail, and Phone calls.


The course curriculum covers various aspects of the banking and finance sector. The syllabus is a balanced divide between theory and practical work. The examination is held at the end of each semester with the submission of assignments and presentations.

Semester 1:

S. No Subjects
1 Financial Accounting
2 Bank Operations Management
3 Credit Management
4 Banking Law- Legal & Regulatory Aspects
5 Islamic Banking

Semester 2:

S. No Subjects
1 AML/CFT Compliance
2 Risk Management
3 Internal Audit
4 Financial Management
5 Sharia Audit

 Career Prospects

After the successful completion of this course, graduates have opportunities to join reputed banking and investment sectors holding positions. They are trained in various aspects of banking and finance making an ideal for jobs in stock markets, financial firms, and much more. Students are rendered with skills of investments and financial management sectors, gaining knowledge of corporate finance, investments & securities, and much more. Graduates have a wide arena of job scope in the financial sector, auditing, credit Administration, and other related areas.

Fee AFN 30,000 per semester

For further details, please contact us:

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Cell: +93 784 905097 / +93  783 535054