Certified General Banker (CGB)


This is an introductory qualification that offers a foundation for individuals new to or already working in retail, business, and private banking environments. It has been designed in close consultation with the banking sector. It is also appropriate for those in specialized areas such as IT, HR, and Marketing who wish to gain insight into the ‘bigger picture of the sector they work in. There are no entry requirements so is an excellent starting point for all those wishing to embed the fundamental principles of banking and provide context to the role performed. The module you will study considers topics of critical importance to the effective performance of a professional banker. CGB will open a window of opportunities for candidates who wish to acquire quality education specifically required by the banking sector. Banks, on the other hand, would be able to hire qualified and well-trained staff in their team. The purpose of a certified General Banker (CGB) program is to provide the banking industry with well-trained resources at entry-level positions.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Bachelor in Business Administration or relevant studies


  • School graduates with one year of relevant experience
  • English Skills


  • In consideration of the upcoming technological advancements and fierce competition in the job market fresh graduates often have to face a lot of problems to compete in order to find employment of their choice. It is often observed that either the employer fails to recruit the qualified humane resource or the job seeker fails to be connected to the right employer.
  • CGB will bridge the gap identified and train the candidate prior to entering into the commerce industry. In this way, not only the recruiters but also the job-seeking candidate would be able to serve better in the right direction.
  • The curriculum of CGB has been developed after thorough research under the supervision and guidance of the Afghanistan bank. This program has the support of the entire banking and financial sector which adds value to the qualification itself.
  • Moreover, CGB will open new doors of countless opportunities for candidates who wish to proceed with their careers in banking.

Coaching Fee: 25,000 AFN

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