Associate Professional Risk Manager by PRMIA


The Associate Professional Risk Manager (Associate PRM) is a PRMIA certificate program intended for staff entering the risk management profession or those who interface with risk management disciplines on a regular basis, such as auditing, accounting, legal, and systems personnel who want to understand fundamental risk management methods and practices.

In today’s volatile financial market, the need for risk management knowledge and understanding at all levels of management is critical. Now more than ever before, it is essential to understand the multiple dimensions of risk as well as how to best manage risk to gain a competitive advantage.

Eligibility Requirements

The only prerequisite to attempting the Associate PRM exam is candidates must be within the PRMIA membership network. Start your enrollment by becoming a member to gain valuable access to members-only information, or joining the network for free.


  • Gain familiarity with the concept of risk management and its place in the business, organization, or system
  • Gain an overall understanding of the concepts of risk management techniques in a non-quantitative framework
  • Understand how governance fits into the concept of risk management
  • Understand the concepts of risk and return
  • Gain familiarity with the structure and workings of various financial markets
  • Gain familiarity with the financial instruments used in risk management
  • Understand the concepts of interest rate risk and hedging
  • Understand the concepts of asset-liability management
  • Understand the concepts of market risk management
  • Understand the concepts of retail and commercial credit risk management
  • Understand the concepts of operational risk management
  • Understand how performance can be measured
  • Understand the concept of enterprise risk management
  • Understand industry standards and best practices of financial risk management
  • Understand the positive role that risk management can play

Coaching Fee: 35,000 AFN

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