Foundations in Accountancy (FIA)

Foundations in Accountancy consist of foundation-level awards, including certificates, diplomas, and the Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) Qualification.

ACCA’s foundation-level awards – Foundations in Accountancy – have been developed with employers in mind. This suite of qualifications will provide you with access to competent and ethical technicians, trained to consistent standards, with built-in flexibility to allow for skills to be tailored to meet different business needs and environments.

These flexible awards focus on the core skills of financial accounting and management accounting, and the wider role of the accountant in business at higher levels.

The range of awards means that you can pick the level of qualification which most appropriately meets your needs.

Foundations in Accountancy is the suite of rewards that employers can use to provide an employee with a grounding in accounting and finance. The qualification can be used to develop recruits from secondary schools or to encourage those already in accounts support roles to obtain formal recognition of their abilities. There are no formal entry requirements to start FIA Journey.

FIA Papers

  • FA1 – Recording Financial Transactions
  • MA1 – Management Information
  • FA2 – Maintaining Financial Records
  • MA2 – Managing Costs and Finances
  • FBT – Foundations in Business and Technology
  • FMA – Management Accounting
  • FFA – Financial Accounting
  • FTX – Foundations in Taxation
  • FAU – Foundations in Audit
  • FFM – Foundations in Financial Management

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)

ACCA is the leading global body for professional accountants. It offers world-class finance and accountancy qualifications and brand partnering opportunities through its unrivaled global, regional, national, and local network of offices and partners.

ACCA supports its147,000 members and 424,000 students in 170 countries, helping them to develop successful careers in accounting and business, based on the skills required by employers.

ACCA has a global reputation for producing professionally qualified accountants of the highest caliber. It offers certification for those who wish to become accountants, auditors, and financial managers.

Every industry needs accountants – your career options are diverse. What’s more, the ACCA is evidence that you possess skills in high demand in fields as diverse as industry, banking, law, and consulting.

A range of knowledge, skills, and competencies will be developed through ACCA qualification, which will enable individuals to work in any aspect of taxation, reporting, auditing, performance, strategic and financial management.

ACCA develops the strategic, forward-thinking professional accountants the world needs. ACCA Qualification is designed to develop vital accounting knowledge, skills, and professional values. It creates professional accountants who build successful careers across all employment sectors and maximize the capability of finance departments and senior management teams.

ACCA Papers

ACCA Course Structure 

ACCA and FIA Computer Based Exams(CBE)

AIBF is providing CBE services for the ACCA (BT, MA, FA, LW) and FIA papers. The CBE sessions are scheduled for every working day.

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