AIBF & ABA Meeting

on June 22, 2020, Mr. Najibullah Amiri ABA Executive Director had meeting with Mr. Abdul Aziz Mohmand, newly appointed Executive Director of Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance(AIBF). At the outset, Mr. Amiri congratulated Mr. Mohmand on his new assignment and added that, ABA has been supporting AIBF since its establishment as national institute and shall continue its cooperation in the future.
1. Quality focused academic programs
2. Revision of Diploma in Banking and Finance (DBF)
3. Development of Diploma in Anti-Corruption Compliance
4. Initiation of legal framework for associate bachelor program
5. Conducting Banks HR Working Group meetings
6. Development of membership-based qualification
7. Standardized study material/ manuals
8. AML/CFT Compliance trainings to banks
During the meeting, Mr. Mohmand updated ABA on his new strategy (Qulaity Concentration) and the new initiatives that AIBF has planned for enrichment of its trainings &programs. He stated that, their approach is to improve the quality of the trainings, appear as strong competitor in the market and in this respect, many steps has been taken. The overall aim is to provide qualitative – demand-driven training to the banks to meet market needs. Mr. Najibullah Amiri appreciated AIBF initiative, proposed some recommendations and insured his full support. The remaining part of the agenda was discussed in details and certain actions were recommended to be taken up jointly by ABA and AIBF for improvement of capacity building of the banking sector.

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