Message from the Governor of Da Afghanistant Bank

I am delighted to welcome you to the family of learners in Afghanistan Institute of Banking and Finance (AIBF). It is a great honor to inform you that the Afghan Financial Sector has been constantly growing in terms of institutions, number of players, portfolio size and complexity as well as the people being served. Ironically institutional and human resource capacities have been lagging behind while the sector is growing at a much faster pace. Consequently, the effectiveness and efficiencies are being greatly compromised across the sector.

Center For Excellence

Since its inception the Institute has evolved certain methods of learning and problem solving approaches. Research studies conducted by the faculty members on a regular basis form the first pillar of their strength. Secondly, the insight developed by the faculty while providing consulting support to various banks is unique. The third importance source of knowledge is the workshop, seminars and forums in which the bankers also present experiences, papers and participate in discussions on strategic, operational and managerial aspects of banking and finance. Fourthly, the faculty members utilize the opportunities to learn various aspects of the functioning of banks and financial institutions when they guide and assist the program participants in their practical works.

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For further information feel free to contact us: +93 (0)788635563 +93 (0)782224535 +93 (0) 782224534

There is no fee or charges to apply. if any person or institute asks for a fee to submit the application, please report to:

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